Some successful searches:

1.     A $900 million manufacturer of apparel based in Hong Kong making 60% of the dress shirts sold in the USA decided to become more vertical and build a fabric mill in Vietnam. We were engaged to find a CEO for their textile division.

2.    A private investor bought a textile mill in Connecticut and engaged us to assist in building a Senior Sales and Merchandising team. 

3.     A flag manufacturer with 5 plants in the USA engaged us to find a VP of Manufacturing, 2 Plant Managers, and 2 Mechanics.

4.     A Chinese owned mattress manufacturer engaged us to find a VP of Manufacturing for a warehouse and manufacturing facility they are building in Houston.

5.    A manufacturer of down pillows, comforters, and home accessories engaged us to find a Senior Vice President of Sales.

6.    An international retailer operating 3 factories in the USA engaged us to find a Director of Manufacturing.

7.    A USA branded manufacturer of leather goods and accessories engaged us to find a Manufacturing Engineer, Production Manager, and Quality Manager.   

8.    A multinational chemical and specialty textile producer engaged us to find a Product Development Engineer for their high performance garment and textile division.

9.    A multinational branded apparel producer has engaged us to fill multiple Technical Design permanent and temporary positions.