Executive Recruitment For Sewn Products

The Spinrad Group is an Executive Recruiting firm  for Bedding, Home Furnishings, Apparel, Furniture, Textiles, and related Sewn Products Industries.  Outstanding candidates may not be “looking for a job” but are often willing to be “found” for the right opportunity.  Our search process is focused on seeking the best and brightest, and we have found extraordinary and motivated talent including Senior Manufacturing Executives and key staff for prominent companies in our industries and disciplines all over the world. 


We know how to identify world-class leadership talent, because we have decades of hands-on experience owning and managing companies in the industry.  We recognize the technical skills necessary along with the organizational dynamics needed to assure success. Whatever your specific hiring challenges, our team has the knowledge and access to understand and provide a solution. 




We know where to find qualified candidates. It's through our decades of experience that we have developed a comprehensive database and we continually add fresh new talent. More importantly, we know how to get those candidates to you.  For every position, we follow our time-tested Priority Search Process to identify, qualify and deliver the talent you need.  How do we know it works?  The answer is simple: 3 to 1.  For every 3 candidates we put in front of clients, one of them is hired. 


Character, Credentials and Culture is key to making sure candidates are the right match for your leadership roles.  The right credentials are important but finding candidates with character traits that complement your team is vital.  We don’t just want to fill a position; we want to help you build a company culture that endures.

Some successful searches:

1.     A $900 million manufacturer of apparel based in Hong Kong making 60% of the dress shirts sold in the USA decided to become more vertical and build a fabric mill in Vietnam. We were engaged to find a CEO for their textile division.

2.    A private investor bought a textile mill in Connecticut and engaged us to assist in building a Senior Sales and Merchandising team. 

3.     A flag manufacturer with 5 plants in the USA engaged us to find a VP of Manufacturing, 2 Plant Managers, and 2 Mechanics.

4.     A Chinese owned mattress manufacturer engaged us to find a VP of Manufacturing for a warehouse and manufacturing facility they are building in Houston.

5.    A manufacturer of down pillows, comforters, and home accessories engaged us to find a Senior Vice President of Sales.

6.    An international retailer operating 3 factories in the USA engaged us to find a Director of Manufacturing.

7.    A USA branded manufacturer of leather goods and accessories engaged us to find a Manufacturing Engineer, Production Manager, and Quality Manager.   

8.    A multinational chemical and specialty textile producer engaged us to find a Product Development Engineer for their high performance garment and textile division.

9.    A multinational branded apparel producer has engaged us to fill multiple Technical Design permanent and temporary positions.

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