One of the main reasons The Spinrad Group has been successful is because of our industry expertise and experience. In order to recruit the top candidates you need to know where to look for them and be able to recognize talent when you see it. We have real world experience in the industries we serve. We know the top talent and we know what it will take to recruit them.


Stephen R. Saft

Stephen is a senior level executive with a variety of significant business experience. He has knowledge of all aspects of manufacturing, merchandising, and marketing gained over 30 years leading a multifaceted apparel company. 

Stephen has led strategic development projects, operated, relocated, and reengineered factories, and worked effectively with international manufacturing partners. He has deep experience with employee and labor relations in both union and non-union environments, at one time managing up to 800 union employees. 

Steve has a solid track record of improving operational effectiveness and productivity in overall business environments and in specific manufacturing processes. He has excellent skills identifying and solving issues and establishing goals and key metrics to improve operations and solve problems. Stephen excels at communicating effectively and building strong teams capable of proactively redesigning and reimagining core competencies.  

Responding to the evolution of the global marketplace, Stephen led the successful transition of his business from domestic apparel manufacturer to an importer and marketer of apparel from sources throughout the world. 

Stephen has deep knowledge of managing significant relationships with customers, suppliers, financiers, and professionals. He is an experienced asset manager, having managed a business that produced year round, yet had an extremely short, 75-day selling season. 

Stephen received a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Marketing.


Shappine Servano

With nearly ten years of experience in recruitment and human resource, Shappine Servano brings a strong network of talent to any search. Shappine’s apprenticeship with Kenn Spinrad and Randy Weinstock, coupled with years of successful search experience, enables her to understand the nuances and intangibles that are critical in identifying the right candidates for her clients.

Shappine’s consultative approach makes her an asset to both candidates and clients while navigating the hiring process. She takes a sincere interest in the people she works with, and enjoys the satisfaction of helping a candidate take the next step in their career, as well as helping clients build high performing teams. She is committed to unearthing extraordinary talent for her clients on a daily basis!

She has honed her recruitment skills since joining The Spinrad Group. Shappine currently works on a variety of projects, placing talent from mechanics to engineers in a variety of sewn products markets. She has a proven track record in assisting clients in filling niche roles with hard-to-find talent. Shappine plays a key role in guiding and directing our team of Researchers and Interns to enrich and optimize our database, strengthen our network, and strategize on each search assignment.

Shappine is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor of Administration in International Business Administration and Marketing. Her interests include running and sewing custom garments; philanthropically, she was a volunteer fund raiser for the American Cancer Society. Shappine currently resides in the Greater Philadelphia area with her three rescue dogs.


Jill Gallagher

Having had a successful and diverse career in small business leadership roles for 25+ years, Jill brings a solid understanding of the meaning of “quality talent” from the perspective of a multitude of industries. In early 2012, she was recruited for operational and creative roles to Gingerfinds, a global talent firm specializing in fashion, apparel and retail. Her long list of successful placements includes both blue chip and start-up clients, with job titles ranging from Board of Director to mid-level talent. An in-demand recruiter/researcher, she has lead projects spanning the globe, with numerous international clients.

In Jill’s perspective, recruitment is often an intelligent algorithm, identifying key skill sets; “choosing candidates with the proper talent is science, while matching talent with our client’s landscape, culture, trajectory, and competitors is art.” Jill considers all elements during the recruitment process, generating an objective profile as well as a less tangible, head-to-toe personal profile of the ideal candidate. Combined, this results in finding candidates with all of the qualities needed to succeed in many different environments.